Technical Data

Formblock® has undergone rigorous testing and has completed Flex, Shear and Load under stringent New Zealand seismic testing. Formblock® has also completed Sound, Impact and Fire testing to adhere to strict Australian Standards. These excellent results can be obtained just by contacting us either by email or phone.

Earthquake and Structural tests in NZ  have shown:-

Formblock® testing with BRANZ revealed that in calculations the full width of the Formblock® 200 series can be used less any chamfers i.e.:

200mm - 2 x 5mm chamfer = 190mm

Where 190 check with local manufacturers for the standard Formblock® widths. For reference see

  • International Formblock Test Report by Auckland University;
  • Formblock Construction Report and Design Recommendations by BRANZ;
  • Face Load and Shear Testing of Formblock by BRANZ.

For copies of full tests results please contact us.

STC:- Sound Transmission Class

Tests were completed on the Australian 140 series block and have achieved an STC rating of 52 in a concrete filled wall.

BRANZ assessment of the 190 mm wall

Fire resistance as per AS 3700:1988 will achieve a fire resistance of:

Structural Integrity 240
Integrity 240
Insulation  240

150 series Formblock®

Structural Integrity 240
Integrity 240
Insulation 112

In Plane Cyclic Testing.

Testing indicated that Formblock wall system exhibited excellent displacement ductility capacity, substantially in excess of the maximum value = 4that is stipulated in NZS 4230:2004.

No significant slip was observed in the non-contact lap splices at the base of the wall, and the use of Formfill concrete was found to ensure masonry compression strengths well in excess of the values specified in NZS 4230:2004.

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