Formblock® Mortarless Concrete Block

The mortarless building system may look like a standard concrete block but that is where the similarity ends. In fact the Formblock® system acts more like a concrete wall and meets all the relevant masonry codes. Formblock® acts as a permanent concrete formwork allowing the engineer to design the wall to satisfy all the relevant International earthquake and cyclonic wind load codes for multi-storey accommodation structures.

The Formblock® concrete block is specifically designed to enhance construction efficiencies, reduce construction costs and simplify the construction process.

Internationally, the patented system has been recognised as the leader in reducing costs, simplifying construction and achieving higher standards of engineering integrity and building safety.

Not only is the Formblock® mortarless concrete block laying rate three to four times faster, the building system is cleaner, stronger and more durable.

With it's unique interlocking bridge mechanisms, Formblock® provides significant cost savings in steel, formwork, labour and time, and delivers engineering attributes superior to existing mortar-based concrete block systems.

The Formblock® system has exceeded rigorous Government testing requirements in Australia and New Zealand - including key areas of earthquake (seismic), fire and sound.

Formblock Benefits

Formblock Applications

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